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Detuned Filter Reactors For Power Factor Correction – (High Tension)

Detuned filter reactors(high)

Features Scope
Current Rating Up to 300kVAr
Detuning Factor 0.2% , 6%
System Voltage Up to 33kV
Specifications / Features
  1. Reactor manufacturer in India for Air core dry type reactors
  2. Successful operational experience
  3. Wide range from 400V to 22kV.
  4. Technology & Expertise delivers high efficiency and light weight coils.
  5. Customer support in all over India.
  6. Production location in Pune
  7. Compact Design
  8. Air Core Dry Type Epoxy Encapsulated Cylindrical Design.
  9. The series reactors are commonly equipped with taps, typically in the range of 25% to 100% of the maximum inductance.
Advantage / Benefits
  1. No environmental concern, no oil collection system required.
  2. No fire hazard, no fire deluge system.
  3. Minimal efforts and maintenance costs.

Used in Application: