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Detuned Filter Reactors For Power Factor Correction in India – (Low Tension)

Detuned Filter reactors(low)

Features Scope
Current Rating Up to 300kVAr
Detuning Factor 0.2% , 5.67% , 7% , 14%
System Voltage Up to 1100V
Specifications / Features
  1. The reactor is designed to be able to handle 180'% rated current.
  2. Better Harmonic current handling capacity (for p=7%de-tuned reactor)
  3. Inductance tolerance is manufactured to be less than ± 3%. For admissible capacitor tolerance of ±5%.
  4. Reactor Linearity Reactors still have 100 % of their nominal inductance at 180% of their rated current. This assures maximum filtering of distortion even in the presence of severe harmonics and best absorption of surges.
  5. Saturation Of iron core- The reactor will not saturated (a drop of 1D% of the inductance value) at 180% of rated current.
  6. Design: comply to IS 5553/ IEC 60076-6.
  7. Insulation class - Class F-155⁰C / H-180°C.
  8. Operating Temperature: 90⁰C max. Temperature rise at ambient Temperature of 40⁰C. Thermostat at 135⁰C is fitted to the coil Windings for overload protection.
  9. Testing: insulation strength tested at 2.5kV
Advantage / Benefits
  1. Pro-long the life of power factor capacitor by reducing overheating. or fuse failure.
  2. Prevent nuisance input fuse blowing or circuit breaker tripping.
  3. Reduce over heating of transformer.
  4. Reduce the harmonic current in the electrical supply system.
  5. Addressing the harmonic problems created by non-linear Load such as AFD’s, AC –DC Converter, DC Drives, welding m/c etc.

Used in Application: