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Low Voltage Transformers Manufacturer in India

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Low Voltage Reactors Manufacturer in India

Features Scope
kVA Rating 1PH – 100VA To 100KVA
3PH – 100VA To 500KVA
Primary & Secondary Voltage Range Up to 1100V
Type of Transformers Control, Isolation, High Impedance transformer, Lighting Transformer, Thyristor duty & Normal duty etc.
Winding Material Copper or Aluminum _ (Strip & Foil)
Polyester enameled wire - 1S5°C (Class F) &
180“C(Class H) Fiberglas wire 180"C (Class H)
Core Material CRGO – M4 & M5 Grade
CRNGO – 35C270 Grade
Varnish Material High Grade Polyester Varnish. (Class F & H)
Cooling Air Cool, Air Natural
Ambient Temperature Max. 40°C
Metal Enclosure Protection Class Standard IP21. (Other Protection Class is available upon request)
Standard Compliance IEC 60076-11 : 2018
IEC 60076-6 : 2007

Used in Application:

  • At UPS
  • Converter Duty
  • Normal Duty
  • Lighting

Datsons Electronics stands as a trusted and esteemed low-voltage transformer manufacturer in India. Our commitment to quality and reliability in electrical solutions has earned us a reputation that speaks for itself. With a focus on precision engineering and innovation, we cater to a wide range of industries and electrical requirements.
Our journey as a low-voltage transformer manufacturer in India has been marked by excellence in both product design and performance. We take pride in our ability to provide electrical solutions that meet and exceed industry standards