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Low Voltage Reactors Manufacturer in India

Low Voltage Transformers Manufacturer in India

Features Scope
Current Rating Up to 2000A
Supply System Voltage Up to 1100V
Type of Reactors Input reactors, output reactors; Current: limiting reactors, ' smoothening reactors, Damping Reactors; Series reactor, DC reactors etc.
Winding Material Copper or Aluminum (With Strip & Foil)
Class of Insulation Class F / Class H
PWM Switching Frequency Up to 3KHz
  1. Input inductor reduces harmonic content in main line and limit inrush current to converter
  2. Output inductor smoothens the PWM switching waveform into pure sinusoidal waveform with the distortion of THD < 39ś
  3. Output reactor is also used to share the current with number of modules to the load.

Used in Application:

  • AC & DC Drives
  • UPS
  • Inverters & Convertors