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Features Scope
Capacity Range As Per Distribution Demand Total In Ampere
Operating Voltage 415:415 ( Or As Per Required Voltage Ratio)
Incomer MCB/MCCB
Incomer Isolator / MCCB /ACB/HRC FUSE
Metering Multifunction / Load Manager / LED/LCD/Intelegent highend Power Quality Analysers
Feeder Distribution Details MCBs D Curve 1/2/3/4 Poles
Hot Swap Feeders Hot Swap Arrangement Of feeders
Distribution Construction With suitable rated Solid copper Bus Bar
Panel Enclsoure CNC Machined BOX Type
Ingress Protecion Up to IP 40
Bus Bars Copper / Aluminum
Power Cables Panel Power harness
Branch Power Monitoring BCPM - Modbus RTU/Eathernet/TCP-IP
HMI Suitable LCD Screen To Display BCPM Parameters
Software Standalone Software