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Power Distribution Unit Manufacturer in India

Power Distribution Unit manufacturer in india

Features Scope
Capacity Range Up to 600kVA
Operating Voltage 415:415 ( Or As Per Required Voltage Ratio)
Incomer Isolator / MCCB /ACB/HRC FUSE
Metering Multifunction / Load Manager / LED/LCD/Intelegent highend Power Quality Analysers
Transformer Configuration Delta-Star (Dyn11), Delta-ZigZag Star (Dyn11)
K-Rating K13,K20 Prefered
Electrostatic Shielding Copper/Brass - Foil/Mesh Between The winding
Temperature Monitoring Temp meter
Outgoing Isolator / MCCB /ACB/HRC FUSE
Input-output Status/Indication ON/OFF/TRIP Solid State Indication , PFC As Requied
Distribution Details MCBs D Curve 1/2/3/4 Poles
Hot Swap Feeders Hot Swap Arrangement Of feeder MCBs
Distribution Construction With suitable rated Solid copper Bus Bar
Cooling Air Natural <60kVA < Forced Cooling
Cooling Mode Suction / Throw
Surge Arrestor SPD/TVSS Class C , Class B+C , Class B ( Type 1 , type 2)
Maintenance Bypass Manual Change Over Switch Fpr Safe Bypass
Earth Fault/Leakage Detection Through EFR Relays
Soft Starters ( Inrush Current Limitor) ** Manual / Automatic
Panel Enclsoure CNC Machined BOX Type / Load Bearing Member Type / Compartmentalized Constructions
Ingress Protecion Up to IP 40
Fan Fail Indication Fan fail Indication and Hooter alarm i.e Audio-Visual
Over Temp Alarm OT Alarm as well as Indication i.e Audio-Visual.
Bus Bars Copper / Aluminum
Power Cables Panel Power harness
Neutral Termination& Cable Size Copper Electrolytic Grade / Aluminum , Uninyvin Cable
Branch Power Monitoring BCPM - Modbus RTU/Eathernet/TCP-IP
HMI Suitable LCD Screen To Display BCPM Parameters
Software Standalone Software