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Isolation Transformer Manufacturer in India

Isolation Transformer Manufacturer in India

Features Scope
kVA Rating 1 to 2000kVA ( 2MVA)
Construction/Category Dry Type Open Coil Structure Resin Varnished
K-Ratig K0(Normal) , K5 ( K1-K5) , K13 ( K6-K13) , K20
K-Rated Winding Muti-Strip conductors with large asepct ratio
Phase Configurations 1ø1 , 2ø1 , 3ø1 , 3ø3
Vector Group 2PLL, VEE , Ddo,Dyn11,Dy1,Yd1,Dz0,Yy0
Number Of Windings Two Winding , Three Winding ( Special Requirement)
Magnetics Design Balanced Magnetic Design
Winding Material Dual Coat Enamel Copper With Temp Class C 200 Deg
Conductor Type Strip , Foil
Core(Stamping) Material Colled Rolled Non Grain Oriented (CRNO ) M250/M270 # , Colled Rolled Grain Oriented (CRGO) MOH/M3/M4/M5/M6 #
Core Construction Mitered , Step Lapp Mitered
Thermal Rating True Thermal rating as per declared kVA
Electrostatic Shielding Copper/Brass - Foil/Mesh Between The winding
Insulation Class Class H
High Voltage Breakdown Strength 2.5kVA- 2Minutes , 3kV- 1 Minute
Insulation Resistance > 500 Megaohm
Short-Circuit Impedance < 2% ##
Load Regulation < 1.5%
On Load Efficency 97 to 99%
Operating Frequency 50 Hz +/-3% & 60 Hz +/-1%
Load Power Factor Unity Power factor ( UPF) Desings

Note - Datsons can design and offer high impedance voltage on Demand. As per design requirement.

Used in Application:

  • Data Centres
  • At UPS Output
  • Power Conditioning